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Friday, January 29, 2010

Truth be told

I'm 3 days late now. So, this AM I peed on a pretty expensive stick. To no surprise, a big fat negative (BFN). All the while trying to hold myself together to not vomit. EVERY MORNING and mid afternoon for the past two weeks I've been having these waves of nausea. So, thanks endo. I appreciate the pregnancy type symptoms. That's just AWESOME...let me tell you. All the while causing painful ovary twitches and occasional cramping.

I should have known better.

Still waiting. I thought I started spotting this AM, but, it was just a trick apparently.

It's supposed to snow/sleet/ice a good bit here tonight. Would be a perfect weekend to bundle up with my heating pad and bottle of ibuprofen...I'm ready.

Emotionally, I'm ready!!!

And, anxiously looking ahead to next week (maybe?!?!) for my hydrosonogram.


Sara said...

I feel your pain with the endo giving you pregnancy symptoms. I can't tell you how many tests I peed on SURE I was pregnant this time. It sucks, and I am thinking of ya! Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...


Kelly said...

I hate how she torments us about her arrival. I hope you get your answer soon.

Expectant Duck said...

hugs lady. endo sucks ass.

Jeanne said...


I'm sorry. :(


nicolemarie said...

You have a new blogger award!


Anonymous said...

i hope af hurrys up already, sorry it's taking so long :(

Eileen said...

Sorry for the BFN :-(. I wish your body would stop playing games with you. *HUGS*

Graham said...

If only I had saved all of the money I spent on all of my BFN pregnancy tests! I would probably have enough for another round of IVF!