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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Strange reminder

I try REALLY hard not to DWELL (difference in dwelling and it being a part of you) in the past. But, today I was reminded that I should be in my third trimester now. Thanks facebooker status updates. Wow. Seems so strange. I wish that was a milestone I was celebrating today instead of mourning.

We miss you Wyatt!


Jeanne said...


I'm so sorry. :(

Is there a way of deactivating the status update function you mentioned so you're not getting constant reminders of "milestone dates"?


Kelly said...

I wish things would be different for you.


Sonja said...

Thinking of you *hugs*

Lizy said...

So should I and it is horrible. Hugs to you. Lizy

lis said...

im right there with ya girl. i keep getting emails from babies r us and enfamil (ive unsubscribed to both already and they keep coming back!) yesterday's enfamil email said something about starting my eighth month.

thanks a lot jerks.

and every. day. i get something in the mail from viacord wanting to know what im doing with my babies' cords.

hey, viacord, ill let you know when i hear back from pathology, k?

im so sorry, this sucks sooo bad. you are NOT dwelling to talk about your sweet little wyatt. he will always be a part of your family.


Word Designer said...

I'm so sorry. I am sending virtual hugs and, although I know it does not really help, I hope it will bring some comfort.

Word Designer

junebug said...


Red said...

Sorry, I wish you were there in the third. :(

Allison (Ali) said...

I know exactly what you mean. I have unsubscribed from all the reminder emails I was getting but still keep getting a few. I should have been 35 weeks on Sunday, but really didn't want a reminder thanks :-/


Tammy said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Willow said...

I'm so sorry. That is heartbreaking.