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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Itching in fun places and oozing...awesome

Awesome title, right?!?!?

Yeah, so, still itching. It's really mostly external...pretty sure it's not a yeast infection. I've been taking grapefruit seed extraction though to fight off any yeast. SOMETHING is going on. My belly button today had a wonderful surprise-a pustule full of puss (that may be an oxymoron), that eventually ruptured. Seriously. I had surgery MARCH 20th. I am beside myself. I don't know what to do! I got a 2nd opinion from another derm...they didn't have much different to say. Talked to the nurses at work and they thought a wound specialist was too much. So, I'm stuck. Going to call the derm tomorrow and let him know what's going on. Puss filled belly button (I hate this incision, it's got divots which allow stuff to get trapped...I kinda wish they could cut it back open and re-do the stitching!!!) and the left upper incision troubles. It was looking better, but, of course it's back to it's crazy ways again. It was completely closed and now I'm back to a scab which will soon be open, as is it's past pattern.

Next thing the derm wanted to try was an injection right into the incision (now incisions). Awesome. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. Ughhhhhhhh. I really really really wanted this taken care of before the next round of IVF. I'm not sure what to do now. I know I need to try to beat out this endometrioma, but, I want this taken care of. They told me before that it wasn't a big deal because it was external, but, with recent happenings, I feel that it is more than just skin deep.


Yaya said...

Oh girl, I'm sorry. This sucks. :(

I think I already recommended rubbing vitamin E oil on the incisions, right? Is that not helping at all? About the belly button, oh boy, are you on antibiotics?

A said...

That sounds awful! Im so sorry! Hopefully the Derm has more news next time you see him?!

Amanda said...

Oh I am SO sorry to hear you are still suffering with your incisions! My belly button started bleeding and producing pus a couple of weeks ago when I got my first period post op (it had almost healed before that and is healing again fine now) - do you think your hormones are setting it off? I really don't know what to say or suggest, just leaving a message of support x

Jeanne said...

OK. This is beyond inconvenience or sucking. This is totally ridiculous.

Frankly, if the dermatologists can't help you, who the heck are those nurses to make you think a wound specialist is overkill? I understand you work with them and may like them but, man, I think that's a bum steer. How long are you supposed to live like this??

March 20th until June 29th! That is over THREE MONTHS! That is NOT normal.

I have had 6 laparoscopies and 1 laparotomy (major incision). I'm the queen of skin allergies. I've met hundreds of women with endo/who've had laps. I have NEVER heard of this. Ever.

This not OK. I would be putting heavy pressure on the primary care physician, the surgeon, the dermatologists, and pretty much anyone who will listen because this is not OK.

I'm sorry I'm so fired up but this is just out of control.

I "get" that these doctors don't have answers for why this is happening. That is precisely why they need to refer you to someone who does.

The naval area is the qi (pronounced chi) center for your whole body. That means in Traditional Chinese Medicine the body's energy is believed to be centered there.

Allison, I am concerned. This has been going on for TOO LONG!

Please do not let the nurses at work make you feel "stuck", unable to consult a wound specialist.

Any incision acting this way 3 months later is certainly a wound!!

For the love of God, before you get any injections from the dermatologist (who can't give you answers and may be grasping at straws), I would at least TRY to find a wound specialist.

You may find someone via your local endocrinologist's office since wound specialists often treat diabetics.

This is NOT normal. If you want to keep your IVF schedule, I would start hunting for a wound specialist NOW because who knows how long it'll take to find one/get in. I really don't mean to sound pushy but I am truly concerned for your health.

Sorry if I am coming on too strong but jeepers creepers you have suffered enough!!

The last thing you want is an infection in your blood or something.

I would be hounding the daylights out of the whole lot of them. You have been patient for over 3 months. You deserve answers and results. It's YOUR body.

Honestly, right now I'm as mad as if it were me. Seriously. I officially have a bee in my bonnet.

Best of luck to you!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I agree with Jeanne. Your derm obviously has run out of ideas, right?

Hope you can get this resolved soon - it doesn't sound great at all :(.

p1nkg0dess said...

It's like the energizer bunny of infections! I'm sorry the incisions are Still misbehaving. You've suffered way too long with it already!

Anonymous said...

that really sucks, the doctors all said the same thing to me, "you just need to ride it out to the end," the end was about a year after my surgery, that's when the incisions helaed anyways, i still had the folliculitis and eczema, i still have it today actually, the surgery was six or seven years ago, i think i'm stuck with it.