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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good news! (?)

So, I had my US this AM to help ease my fears about the endometrioma being back and bigger than ever. Well, there is no visible mass!!! Say what?!? Guess the draining helped!

However (since I know we all love caveats), I do have a bit of fluid hanging out around it. What does that mean? I haven't the foggiest. The clinic staff doesn't seem terribly concerned about it being there (perhaps this is normal post IVF?), so, I'll try not to be. I know that endometriosis can cause such ascites as well, so, might be "normal" for me. I'm supposed to monitor my pain and symptoms and let them know if anything gets worse.

My RE isn't in until next week. Maybe she can provide more insight. Until then, I will celebrate the magically "shrinking" (ie, drained) endometrioma and hope it has a long delayed return!

Tomorrow I have an apt with the Derm in the seemingly never-ending battle with that pesky incision. This last course of prednisone helped, but, its back a with a scab (it was closed) and itchy inflamed. Little bastard! Go AWAY! I have one model healing SCAR that the others need to learn a thing or two from!


Kelly said...

I can't believe you are still having problems with your incisions! Good luck at the derm tomorrow!

LupronGirl said...

Here's to the magically shrinking endometrioma! good luck tomorrow!

JellyBelly said...

wow! that's great news about the endometrioma!

have you tried the castor oil packs yet?

Jeanne said...


Shrinking endometrioma... yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, that incision problem is persistent! Have you looked into a wound specialist? It might be worth looking into or even asking the derm for a referral name.

If you can't get a wound specialist referral that way, check with an endocrinologist's office. (Diabetics are one set of patients that sometimes need wound specialists).

This has been going on forever!

Alternatively, can you get a 2nd opinion derm consult? (I once saw the derm 9 times in 2 months and got NO answers. I was going to a well-respected derm practice but getting nowhere. The next step was to go to a special derm group at the hospital for a 2nd opinion. My rash FINALLY went away, unexplicably, before I ended up going to the derm group at the hospital for the 2nd opinion).



Anonymous said...

yea, that's awesome!

MyBigBustedUterus! said...

I agree about the wound specialist, it might be worth looking into if things get worse. Glad the endometrioma shrunk!

Yaya said...

Well that is good news about the mass not being there!

Sonja said...

No visible mass, that's wonderful!!

In Due Time said...

I'm glad there wasn't a visible mass! I hope your wound heals soon.

Jeanne said...


Thinking of you...


Kelli said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Hoping for success with your next IVF!!