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Friday, January 16, 2009

BFN and temp shift

BFN="Big Fat Negative" in the blogging world. Usually, I wouldn't be worried about it...I'd say I'll test again on Sunday. But, I've been charting and my temp shifted downward today. Temps stay elevated after ovulation, and, if you are pregnant they stay elevated. If you are starting your next cycle, they drop. Down, down, down.

So, I am out of town...6.5 hours out of town. If I officially start my period today (which, I have probably, I just don't want to go verify), I should go in tomorrow for an ultrasound and bloodwork for next cycles fertility work up. If you don't go on Day 2, definitely Day 3. I am not sure what happens post day 4 since I'm obviously not going in any clinics today. I'l have to call and let them know I've started and see what they say I guess.

Disappointed, but, ready to move forth with this cycle. I'm already ready for my period to be over (OUCH)!!!!


Anonymous said...

A little encouragement, a tiny bit atleast. I was talking to my PCP the other day and she gave me some interesting stats.

1. On average w/ fertility meds, we only have about a 13% chance of conceiving each cycle.

2. She just recently went through 4months of Clomid, no success but then decided to move on the injectables and became pregnant the first month.

Talking to her made me feel a tiny bit better because it was right after I got my last BFN.

Jennie said...

I am sorry Allison it was negative. Sending some prayers taht maybe Sunday you will have a better shot!

TheTodds said...


ReadyGo said...

I'm bummed for you. Hope you're doin alright!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the translation, Ali, but I wish you had gotten a BFP. :) Thinking of you.