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Friday, August 28, 2009

Just checking in

The house has been keeping us really busy! We are hoping to have it on the market by next weekend. If this jellybean is going to continue to thrive and develop (which we hope and pray it does), we are planning to only try until about Jan. Then we'll throw in the hat so I can do all the exciting expectant mother things that you do to your home when you are waiting on your little one :) The realtor hopes to have it sold in less than two months. Here's to hoping!

Been feeling okay this way. I've been having pains around my ovaries. It hasn't been one sided, so, I haven't been too worried about it. I assume it's my endo not loving being squished. I've been tired and kinda blech (sometimes nauseated, not knowing what to eat, etc); but, still happy and bubbly!!! Stupid sciatica is upset too...again, I suspect endo!

A little concerned about how everything works with a pregnancy and endo, but, just going with the flow for now. I assume if it wasn't safe to get pregnant, my Dr. wouldn't have let us gone through IVF. So, trying to chill about the "What" questions (What happens when my uterus starts expanding and it's attached to my colon, what happens to my left ovary that is glued down to the expanding uterus, etc, etc, etc).

Thanks for all of the comments!!! We are officially 1 week away from the ultrasound. I couldn't be more excited and ready for a day to get here!!! We can't wait to see our little jellybean. I think it'll feel more real for us then and help to ease our minds a little!!!


Jeanne said...


As far as the house stuff is concerned, my mother-in-law just sold her place (a condo).

Despite the real estate market being in rough shape, she sold it right away. In fact, there was a bidding war for it and she ended up getting $6,000 more than the asking price!

I am convinced that a huge factor in all this was something relatively simple that she did.

I know it's later in the year but then again your climate's warmer than mine so I'll put it out there. Once she had decided she was going to sell the place, she planted some showy flowers.

It wasn't anything super-expensive. Clearly that $6,000 bonus paid for the flowers many times over!

Anyway, she has the pretty garden and some birdfeeders (including 2 hummingbird feeders) and it looks amazing.

There isn't a doubt in my mind that her taking the time to spruce up her backyard garden had everything to do with people fighting over the place.

She said she simply implemented some things she'd seen on HGTV. All I know is if I were looking at homes, something like that would grab my attention too.

Not only does it make the place look more attractive but it tends to make the buyer think, "great, this garden is already planted & now all I need to do is maintain it".

I am sorry about the pain you're having. :( Everyone is different and one endo patient's pregnancy can vary greatly from another's. It is reassuring to talk with people who have been there, though.

You must be so excited about the ultrasound. Yes, that will probably make it seem more real.


J said...

Ooooh, all of that sounds really painful. I hope it doesn't give you much trouble and you have a very easy pregnancy. Good luck with the u/s. I know you can't wait!

Barefoot said...

Sorry to hear about the various aches and pains. I think that ovary pain is pretty normal post-IVF, even without the endo. Lord knows I had a lot of it.

Keeping fingers crossed for a quick sale!

Anonymous said...

Yay! All good stuff in this update!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I hope that all goes well at your u/s! I don't have any insight on the endo stuff, but congrats on your little bean!

Christa said...


It took until I was out of the 1st trimester until my endo pain went away. Pangs of pain in my right side where the pregnancy cyst was overwhelmed me so much I went to the ER. It was nothing. Try not to worry even though I know it's really hard not to!

Chelle said...

Good luck with the sale of the house. I hope it goes quickly.

That first ultrasound is one of the awesomest things ever for in IFer. I always thought it was so incredible there was a little person growing inside of me, and my ultrasounds always made me cry.

Best wishes!

Nearlydawn said...

I had some endo, mild, but there. I can tell you what happened to me...

Those connections broke as my ute stretched. So, it did hurt some, especially if I stretched and caused something to give suddenly. Otherwise, it wasn't so bad. I also had an adhesion or two that was caused by a surgery - having those come loose was not fun, but I lived.

So, if you feel a sharp pain, but it doesn't last toooo long, you can pretty much guess it is your endo breaking it's hold.

Hope that helps!

Of course, I'm not a Dr. So, be sure to ask your OB or RE soon if it is bothering you. There's a good reason you pay these people good money - they can answer the tough questions. :)