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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The embryo's that freeze together...

Stay together! Yeah, that was lame. Sorry, I'm EXHASUTED. Work was hellacious today. Of all the times for things to start getting crazy there. ::sigh:: What can you do?

ANYWAY, our little embryo MADE IT to the deep freeze! We don't get a lot of eggs, but, man do we make some quality embryo's. I hope. Quality enough to make it to a blastocyte and freeze! ;) Quality enough to flourish into a healthy baby? Let's hope so!!!!

Very good news today. I needed that!!!!

I'm so tired of the IM shots. Yeowzers. My bottom must not have healed completely from the last round. I feel like I've done kickboxing or something. That and just POOPED. Gotta love the PIO. Hey, I'll take it if it translates into pregnancy symptoms...k?

Thanks everyone for the kind words. Is it NEXT Weds yet?!?!?

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