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Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm still here!

I've just smothering in boxes right now. My husband and I are trying to put our house on the market by the beginning of Sept. I'm pooped just looking at everything! Don't worry, I'm not working too hard. Getting plenty of rest, or trying to. My back has been not so nice to me, so, even if I wanted to go all crazy on the house, I couldn't.

I've been feeling pretty good. I've had some on and off pain on my right side...around my ovary. I suspect this is from that free fluid that was around it before the transfer, but, definitely keeping my eye on it. And, the nausea is come and go. After I stopped the progesterone shots it seemed to get better, but, today it was like a brick of ICK hit me in the face at work and I was left wondering in 2 split seconds whether I could make it to the bathroom or not.

Whether nausea from pregnancy or endo (cause, I'm experience with the later), these are a miracle...truly! I don't chew them though, just suck on them. If it weren't for that today, I'm not sure what would have happened!

So, I'm wondering for all the endo mom's out there...how did your endo "behave" during pregnancy?!? Wondering how my left ovary is going to fare adhered to my uterus, or the adhesions that still have my uterus stuck to my colon. I hear it gets a little better, but, I'm a skeptic.

Hope all is well out there in blog land. I better go get lost in my boxes again. This should, at least, help the next few weeks fly by!!!!


Infertile In the City said...

Glad that you feeling well, i am an endo sista but of course I can't use my uterus (but I did read and worry about all the pain from the tearing of scar tissue) - but I think you had surgery lately right? So I can imagine that all will be well and smooth.

Christa said...

When I got pregnant with Ella, I had pings of pain in my ovary area. The endo doesn't stop hurting completely for a couple of months, but then it's pure bliss, except for, well, of course the morning sickness, swelling and overall discomfort of being pregnant. But you will LOVE every minute of it!!

Anonymous said...

Take it easy!

Anonymous said...

glad you're feeling ok-ish, i used to work at a co-op and we had tons of stuff by the ginger people, i think their little mascot is kind of creepy!

J said...

Good luck with the packing, but keep taking it easy!

Christa @ Quintooples said...

My endo gets MUCH MUCH better during pregnancy, but it takes a few weeks....like 10 weeks.

On the plus side....post partum bleeding is no big deal to us endo girls! ;)

Praying for you!!!!

Nic said...

Just wanted to say congrats again. It gives me hope of becoming pregnant eventually knowing there are severe endo sufferers out there getting pregnant. I think your endo should calm down a lot in a few weeks time, enjoy the break form endo for a while!!
Take care

Chelle said...

I had all of my endometriosis resected 7 months before I got pg. My pregnancy was a breeze. Totally painless. I'm not sure if it is because of the resection or not. That being said, I have had persistent pain on my right side since my c-section, which I am not sure which surgery to attribute it to. Hopefully the pain lets up for you. Be sure to take it easy. :)

Amanda and Tim said...

Oh I couldn't live without ginger chews as between my endo and IBS I feel sick a lot of the time... they are my constant companion bu I do chw them, meaning I often get in a pickle at work when I try to have one quickly between rushes of customers!

Glad to hear you are doing ok, take it as easy as you can... keeping you in my thoughts and good luck with the packing x

Barefoot said...

Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. I agree that the ginger can work wonders -- hooray for the Ginger People! (They also make this ginger lemon soother drink that I LOVED from weeks 6-10 or so.)

What IF? said...

The Endo has definitely let up during pregnancy. In the beginning, I could still feel it (but it was minor and probably due to the stims and egg retrieval).

Now that I'm 6 months along, I don't feel any pain associated with Endo. I don't even know *where* my ovaries are right now. (They couldn't find them on the u/s. LOL).

Lots of other discomforts, of course, but nothing nearly as painful as Endo. Hope the same is true for you.

GL with packing. Don't be tempted to drag/lift even one box - let Dh move them all!