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Thursday, March 13, 2008

They say the worst part is over

The prep solution for my colonoscopy was AWFUL. ICKY! The process itself was okay, but the solution was GROSS!!! I had the phospho-soda prep-so, I had one 1.5 oz bottle in 6 oz of liquid (ginger ale that time) at 3 PM, and another round at 8 pm (with gatorade), and LOTS of fluids in between. I also had to take two pills last night, and use an enema before I leave this morning. I'm SO ready to get this thing over with. I'm starving and nauseated (probably from hunger) and a bit nervous I must say. Although I have been comforted by everyone that has ever had one saying, "The worst part is the day before". Insert sigh of relief here. I do get nervous with IV's these days though, especially after my CT dye experience. I'm just ready to be home again home again.

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Jennifer said...

The more I read your posts, the more I realize that we've been through some similar things. On top of having endo I also had to have a colonoscopy. I have severe "stomach" problems and my GI doc thought that I might have Celiac Disease (now they think it's severe IBS) and I had to have a colonoscopy. The procedure itself is a breeze, but I would never want to do the prep again! It was soooooo horrible!