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Monday, August 30, 2010

We are quite the topic of conversation

Or, so with my Reproductive Clinic it seems.  I got a random call from one of the nurses last week and she said that we were discussed at "conference" on Weds.  Conference is a gathering of minds in the respective field to go over "tricky" cases or to get mutiple opinions on courses of treatment.  I told her I felt quite special that we were presented.  LOL.  Mostly appreciative, really.  The discussion was on how to get my lining to thicken up, especially in the wake of my newest, short, weird cycles.  Verdict?  Prep as almost as if we were doing a full blown IVF, but, with just a transfer procedure at the end.  So, essentially, a few more drugs in the normal FET regimen.  I'll start out with BC (well, for me, Aygestin), then Lupron, Gonal F, etc, etc, etc.  I need to talk to my insurance company to see if I have any more drug allowance.  That'll really be the deal breaker for us.  We've already paid up front for a normal FET cycle.  With a few more ultrasound vists and more drugs....I just need to make sure that aspect is covered.  So, not sure when, or if, this plan will take place.  But, it's nice to feel thought of.


Anonymous said...

that's awesome that they are really looking for some new treatment options for you.

Jeanne said...


Sounds like an infertility episode on House MD. ;)

Nice to know they are putting their heads together. Good luck with everything!


Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys and continuing to keep you in my thoughts and prayers... I truly hope that your insurance will cover what extra you need xx