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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Odds and Ends

I never read...ever. But, I finally picked up a copy of "Silent Sorority" (by Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos). Amazing! It isn't a light hearted, easy read. Nor does it have the "happy" ending that we, as infertiles, long for. I use happy in quotes only because I mean the "we got pregnant after all these years" type of ending, not as in she isn't happy in her life. She seems to be and I really liked how she shared all those transition points in her life. It's real and raw and I really appreciated the honesty. Although I am one of those still on the journey, I really was able to relate to a lot of things she wrote about and it really helped open my mind and my heart. Thank you Pam, for sharing, and for helping reiterating the importance of sharing my journey with others, especially those near to me and to help increase the understanding out there about this wild ride.

I think I mentioned this before, that I attended a local meeting a few weeks ago on infertility. I learned about it from talking to girl (gasp! haha!) in the waiting room at the RE's office. She learned about it through the RESOLVE website. Which, by the way is an awesome website. AND, speaking of RESOLVE, we are walking in this years "Walk of Hope" in Atlanta, GA to help raise awareness for infertility. I'm proud to be taking a part in this event, and even have enlisted some friends to come with us. It's very exciting and I cannot wait until September! If you would like to be a virtual walker with us, please sign up at http://www.resolve.org/get-involved/ready-set-walk.html. Our team name is (Infertility) "What they didn't teach you in sex-ed" (don't type in the part in the parenthesis..it's too long for the field).


Kelly said...

Great idea. Thanks for posting this.

Jeanne said...


I'm glad you read Silent Sorority. I just knew you'd like it. As you know, I wrote a review of it when it first came out:

Silent Sorority Review

That's great that you're doing a RESOLVE walk and that (gasp!) you actually held a conversation with someone in the waiting room at the reproductive endocrinologist's office.