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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big "bad" world of IVF?

I'm sure you have all heard about the latest IVF story
(Click Here).

So, there is a debate that seems to be going on concerning this headline, and, I wanted to see what you all thought. A chat board that I visit often started the "debate" about this publicity being another "bad rap" for IVF. I'm not sure I agree.

DO you feel the embryo switch up/mix up is 100% bad for IVF?
Do you feel the family who was implanted should have kept quiet from the media?
Do you think that nothing good will come from this – i.e. possibly more stringent regulations, etc?

Gotta love the media AND the public. The media isn't going to publish fluffy, "normal" news such as "Couple conceives with IVF". That's not "news" for the rest of the world. UNLESS there is a sad story or something involving some sort of tragedy. And, can't completely blame the media. The public wouldn't want to read about something that "normal" happening. You don’t hear that millions of people go through IVF with no problems. That news just doesn't sell. So, of COURSE this is going to be a huge story. It's sad, it's tragic. It's just what America thrives on. it sells. PERIOD.

Why should the couple keep quiet? It would come out at some point anyway (litigation). Besides, why do they need to hide? People need to hear this story. Sh*t happens...this could happen to ANYONE. I can't say that the thought never crossed our minds during our IVF process...because it did! These are HUMAN BEINGS that are responsible for all that you are going through; left to human error. Again, I'm not saying it's OKAY for error, but, it happens. So, for this to be BAD publicity for IVF...I just don't know. I mean, people have surgery all the time and materials get left behind in them. People still have surgery-many times voluntarily. It's just how life goes sometimes and you just keep on keeping on?

As far as regulations go...what's wrong sometimes with more regulations?!?! Hell, I want these Dr's and clinic staff regulated! Hopefully it won't affect insurance more than that is already affected.

And, as tragic and sorrowful as it is, I am trying to focus on the silver lining. This family made the decision to carry this life to term (they've known the whole time). They chose life and they chose to give this life back to the parents that it belongs to-to give that couple the chance they've been waiting for! In the end, it's a beautiful tragedy. I cannot imagine what either couple is going through. But, I'm thankful for wonderful people out there willing to sacrifice in the face of such a tragedy and for such a beautiful thing to become of it.

What do you think? I'm not opposed to differing opinions. I find it interesting different takes on this manner. And, maybe I'm just naive!!!


Courtney said...

I agree...I think this story says a lot about what one infertile woman will do for another infertile woman and how infertility can make you appreciate life.

Alex said...

I agree 100%!

Jeanne said...


I agree with you, Courtney, and Alex.

I saw the couples on the Today Show (part of it, anyway) and was struck by how ethical, kind, and compassionate both couples seemed.

While I detest the media's general penchant for sensationalizing news, I agree cases like this should be reported and that it can certainly lead to more regulation (a good thing).

It is sad that the media seems to ONLY focus on the negative normally. In other words, they'll show all of the worst case scenarios (such as Octomom) but not the happy endings so much.

Granted, IVF success rates (stat wise) are not as high as some might think... and SOMETIMES the media DOES focus on the dramatic (non-Octomom) positive stories where a couple was infertile for many years and then became pregnant with multiples. Then the media will make a big deal about miracles and such.

Anyway, I absolutely do agree with what you said.

I also understand why some worry about it being "bad press" for IVF because the more stories hit the media about something not going as planned, the more controversial IVF becomes and the harder it becomes on couples who want to try the IVF option. (It's a cumulative effect of IVF stories involving problems).

I also agree with you that it needs to be reported, regardless of what the "bad press" may result in. Like you said, tightening regulations to minimize such human error is a GOOD thing.


Anonymous said...

First, I need to say congrats on your pregnancy! I knew this time would work out for you. I'm very happy for you and Katery!

That's such a sad story, believe or not this is the first time I heard of it. I guess I really have been under a rock for the past several months!

This is Kischa! I had to put my original blog down - it was discovered by people I prefer not to be reading it.

Anonymous said...

We did an IUI this morning and that certainly crosses my mind...what if it's the wrong sample??

Jeanne said...


Thinking of you!


Lena said...

i just read that padma lakshmi is pregnant after years of trying because of endometriosis... it's nice to hear a celebrity talk openly about it!

Anonymous said...

I agree. This story proves that decency and kindness still exists in humanity.