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Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's 2015...

Since my last post, I got a referral to a GYN Oncologist, who was able to see me MUCH sooner than the Pelvic Health Center (that appt wasn't scheduled until MARCH!).  Thankfully I work at a cancer center.  I didn't know, but some of the surgeons in our GYN clinic take on endometriosis patients, and other, surgically challenging cases.  After reviewing my paperwork I was seen in early December and am tomorrow 3 weeks post-op.

First of all, let me say that it was BY FAR the BEST laparoscopy I've ever had.  When/if I need another, he's my guy!  He's a big shot, and, I can see why!  He knows his stuff!!!  I had little to no (yes, I said NO) pain afterwards (aside from the damned CO2 pain!!!).

I was slated for a 3 hour procedure but from what I know it was less than 1.5 hours.  When he first went in, he described to my husband "An extreme amount of blood and fluid" in my abdomen.  Awesome.  I'm assuming he cleaned that up (???)-Post op appt is tomorrow  ;)  My adhesions weren't as bad as he expected.  He removed my endometrioma, the adhesions he could see (a few on my colon), and called it a day.  He said he really was tempted to do a hysterectomy, but, knew it would have to be a total and was hesitant because of my age.  I would be ok with a partial at this point, but, I definitely need these (asshole) hormones around for a little while.  I've been through medically induced menopause before.  No THANK YOU!!!!  The world is not ready for that.  ;)

So, tomorrow is my post op appointment.  Not really sure there will be much to say.  I've got my list of questions.  We all know I have three options-get pregnant (because that's sooooo easy), IUD (b.c of my migraines, that's my only option as far as BC goes) or hysterectomy (see above).  So, here we go again with the waiting game.  Waiting game on how long will it be before I can't take it again or some growth has me back in the OR.  One can hope it'll be another 5 years.  By then I'll be 40, closer to menopause, and maybe more apt for total?  Who knows.

EFF you endo.  EFF you.


Rebecca said...

Glad it went well. I'm going in next week for the rest of the organs to be removed by the GYN Oncologist too. I'm hoping that my surgery time is short. I'll have an over night stay.

Stephanie Fernandez said...

How did the post-op appointment go?? Ask you doctor about Visanne. It's a relatively new treatment that acts like progesterone. I did a 4 month treatment from August to December. I haven't taken any form of birth control since then and I'm still feeling well a few months after the treatment. :)