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Friday, March 11, 2011

Daym you Pharma companies!!!

This is an article about a dramatic price increase in progesterone...a drug that us in the infertility world are definitely aware of, as, are those women who use it to prevent premature birth.  What a shame!!!


That Girl With Endo said...

I curse them everyday - especially when I check my bank balance! Grrr

Anonymous said...

It seems like you could still get it compounded for cheaply - my compounded cream is $26 for a tube that lasts about 3 months (30mg a day, which is MORE than is absorbed with larger oral doses).
That's the problem any time companies trademark anything - they raise the price. You can't make money on natural ingredients, so they alter it chemically to be able to put their own stamp on it. Sad, isn't it?

Jeanne said...


That price hike is absolutely OBSCENE and I find the March of Dimes' conflict of interest very troubling!

The ridiculous additional cost will either get passed along to others on the insurance plans that keep covering it... or will surely result in some plans simply refusing to cover it - leading to hefty NICU bills or worse.

This is just shameful!


Miss Megan said...

This makes me SO angry! I took this from 17 weeks to 36 weeks with my recent twin pregnancy (to calm the uterus and keep me from going into pre term labor). It cost me $17.40 per week from the 1compounding pharmacy in town that could make it. And yes, I had to pay out of pocket, and no that wasn't a huge hardship. BUT, $1500 a week would be! Even $150 a week would be! This is ludicrous!!!