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Sunday, July 25, 2010

What what?

So...2 weeks from this coming Tuesday I was at the RE's office getting measured and blood drawn for hormones for a hopeful natural FET. My lining was 6-something (they'd prefer 7+) and my progesterone was 1.6 (they'd prefer at least 2). Conditions not preferable-cycle scrapped. I HAD NOT YET OVULATED, there were a few follicles, but, none close to mature.

Fast forward to Friday (just a few days ago-8 days post my appointment). I started spotting. Weird spotting. Tuesday and Weds of that week I was hurting in the belly-so badly I was almost convinced my cyst was leaking fluid into my abdomen. THAT kind of pain.

This morning, instead of being worse, it's stopped completely, only present slightly when I wipe. Obviously this is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY too early to be my period. WTH is going on?!?! This afternoon I'm having these weird, DEEP pelvic floor pains-almost feels like it's in the bone. PAINFUL.

If things weren't odd enough, now all this drama? I've peed on a stick. "Not Pregnant" per usual-RE's nurse suggested perhaps it could be implantation bleeding. Really?!? You say that to a hopeful patient?! I know they were trying to be optimistic, but, errrrrrrrrrr. She also agreed that it was way too early for ME to be having my period, and to keep them updated.

So, I'm waiting around, trying to figure out what's going on with this weirdo cycle! Thanks again to the silly cyst and the whacked out hormones?

Yep, this is one of those TMI blogs for those that didn't know ;)


allisyn said...

thinking about you Allison!!! love you and just know that i pray for you often :)

JellyBelly said...

I'm so sorry that you're having strange pain and happenings. I hope that you get everything figured out ASAP!

Jessica said...

Hi - I came across your blog today in reading on endometriosis and was glad to find you! I hope you are well - waiting is no fun. (I was born without patience, though, so I might be the wrong one to ask - lol).

I also wanted to let you know about an online survey that I'm doing. You can find out more at endometriosisstories.blogspot.com. I'd love for you to consider participating.

In good health...Jessica

What IF? said...

I'm so hoping it will just all work out the way you want it to, without any heartache. You are often in my thoughts, even though I rarely have a chance to read and comment these days. Thanks for continuing to stop by my blog despite the infrequent updates. Sending you and your dh much love.

Courtney said...

That is just awful :(. I'm hoping the pain goes away for you. Keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your blog is "TMI" because it means that I have a better chance of knowing where you're at and what you're going through and can, hopefully, offer you what little support I can x

Sorry to hear about this latest development - I hope you find out what is causing it soon. I'm continuing to hold you in my thoughts and prayers, as always xx

Open Air said...

Implantation bleeding? She really said those words? Pins and needles, baby. Waiting on pins and needles.

zengirl said...

I've been having bizarre cycles since I hit 39 in Feb this year. Our (women's) bodies must be the biggest mysteries on this planet! Hope your next cycle settles down back to normal!

Tori Thibault said...

I have been reading your blog for a little bit now, and I have to tell you that when it comes to endo... there really is no such thing as TMI :)