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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Date set

The date was set today for surgery-It won't be until March 20th. Yeah, that's a long time to mull. But, really, there wasn't time this month. The 20th of Feb. I may still be on my period, so, that's out. I could do the next week and miss my work trip (27th), but, then I wouldn't be ready to fly out the next weekfor Baltimore (throwing a baby shower for a friend). The week after Baltimore is Friday the 13th-NO WAY (and, actually, they couldn't that day anyway). Lol, so, in all reality, it was my only option, work trip or not. I'm not missing Baltimore!!!

I have a consult with the GI surgeon who will be scrubbing in on the surgery the week before. I've heard great things about him from a few of the nurses at work, so, that makes me feel a little better. Also, the woman that scheduled my surgery, I actually know her because she is one of our patients. Last time I had surgery, I ended up knowing the nurse that admitted me and did all the IV and such from church; I felt so much knowing that I knew someone there. So, knowing someone again this time makes me feel at ease. Silly, maybe...but, I need that ease!

I did find out that I will be doing a colon prep. I didn't have that before my last surgery. It was pretty last minute, so, that's probably why. So, not looking forward to that. I've experienced it because of my colonoscopy back in March, but, I was really hoping to avoid that until I was 50 in time for another colonocopy-haha! Wishful thinking apparently. I know why they need me to do it though, so, I can manage. I just know it's going to suck!!! ;)

I'm trying not to be anything but positive. Though the other night I couldn't get the thoughts out of my head concerning it possibly ending up being an open surgery or them having to take part of my colon. I'm really nervous about all that. I know I have no control though and they will take care of me as best they can. And, I am hoping it'll make me feel better. I am SO tired of being sick everyday. It gets old after a while! All I can do is pray and stay positive. I know I'll have my days, but, that is my overall goal until surgery.

I hate that I have to wait "so long" (it's actually only 3 weeks longer than the first date they called me with). I'm an anxious type of person anyway, so, I have to try really hard NOT to worry about things. I can do it though. It's busy at work and there are lots of things coming up soon to look forward to and keep my mind busy.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, big (((Hugs))) for that upcoming surgery.

allisyn said...

i'll defintely be keeping you in my prayers!

ReadyGo said...

Well it will be good to get in there and clean things out. But I definitely understand the anxiety of waiting, it's the worst part for me. Keep busy, and enjoy Baltimore!!

MyBigBustedUterus! said...

I've been following your story, good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

I think you've got it all covered. It's good that you'll be busy in the coming weeks - it helps with the anxiety of waiting.

I'll be praying for you - although I'm sure you'll be fine. Enjoy your trips.