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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A rare blogger sighting!

I'm still here!  ;)  I guess it's good that I haven't needed to blog much lately.  It was so amazing to have this blog when I was going through the hells of my initial endometriosis diagnosis and infertility journey.  Our needs I suppose wax and wane, but, I don't want to fall off completely just in case someone were to stumble upon this blog on their own journeys.

I had the IUD (Mirena) implanted last summer.  That particular part of my journey has gone swimmingly!!!  No issues, although, I still have intermittent spotting that is rather annoying and usually unexpected.  TMI, but, that doesn't make for a very pretty panty drawer.  What can I say, I've never really been candid on here, have I?

I've had several other medical mishaps along the way that has put things on the back burner, but, I hope I'm past those for now.

Recently I've had a return of the dreaded GI symptoms from long ago.  Circa 2007.  Maybe not THAT bad, but, my psyche has me all worked up about them and where they can go.  I've been experiencing intermittent diarrhea for about a month now.  Not fun.  My regular BM's are no longer regular, and, quite urgent when they happen.  They aren't particularly painful (most of the time, I did have one that had me gasping for air) or crampy.  I am pretty tender and bloated these days though in general....not sure if that coincides with my cycles or not.  I haven't been detail oriented enough to track that.  Might be helpful though.

I do have bowel adhesions and I wonder if these are flaring up, or, getting worse.  No one every really said the Mirena would help stop the endo, so, I wasn't really expecting it to.  It did help my mentality though.  No more pregnant mind games.

Not sure what the next step is.  I suppose I should make a more detailed entry about my symptoms and touch base with my MD.  I'm SO TIRED OF GOING TO THE MD!!!!  And, with insurance companies turning the beautiful corner of high deductible plans, I fear that I'll wait too long for things before having them checked out.  Take a MRI I had done yesterday for instance....I've been in pain there for almost 2 YEARS.  For real?!?!?!?  That's a whole post in itself, Re: Insurance.

Hope this finds the blogsphere doing well.  We'll see where these symptoms take me.  The never ending endo journey.  I am thankful that I have very rare and very far in between episodes now though.  I'll take every victory I can!!!!

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